Trump Boeing Visit: Nuclear Holocaust?

President Donald J. Trump has planned a visit to a Boeing factory in South Carolina this week.  While the company has reported that this meeting is to unveil their newest jet, experts have reported that the meeting may be to discuss plans for a nuclear attack in the coming months.

James Helben, professor of anthropology and world affairs at Occidental College, has corroborated this report, saying “well, I suppose you couldn’t argue that the meeting isn’t to discuss an impending nuclear attack.”

According to a team of economists from The Heller Institute, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal may be expanding at an unprecedented rate.  To combat this advance, the Trump Administration has reportedly committed its resources to establishing a strong partnership with the aeroplane company.  The Administration’s press secretary Sean Spicer has said that the partnership “will undeniably be of the great value in the upcoming nuclear apocalypse.”

2 thoughts on “Trump Boeing Visit: Nuclear Holocaust?

    1. Well, I understand your reasoning, I don’t think it’s fair to lump all planes into this category. Fear leads to hate might I remind you. I agree that there are some planes that are worthy of your fear, but the vast majority are actually quite nice. Just something for you to think about…


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