Crooked Hillary Does It Again

Since her loss in the election to President Donald J. Trump, it appears that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has found another way to spend her free time. Our investigative reporters here at The Colomen have uncovered evidence suggesting that Secretary Clinton has moved on from infamous Pizzagate scandal and has established an international human-trafficking ring encompassing as many as 8 countries worldwide. Our reports show that the most frequently used route into the U.S. spans the border with Mexico, and the native countries of most of these victims are Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Thailand, Algeria, Tajikistan, and Suriname.

While Secretary Clinton’s motives in the development of this human trafficking ring are unknown, various theories have been formulated by many of the greatest minds in our country since the release of our initial reports on the subject. Dr. Sophia Berkshire, a renowned psychologist at Liberty University, stated in an interview that “thus far, we can only speculate at her intentions, however, the most commonly accepted theorem between myself and my esteemed colleagues is that Secretary Clinton is simply suffering from a ‘bruised ego.’ ”

Although her motives remain unclear, Secretary Clinton’s intentions for the use of this human trafficking ring are well-known. According to Walter Jamison, our analyst in Washington D.C., the former First Lady is using these “sex slaves” for personal benefit. She reportedly uses many of the male victims herself as revenge against her husband Bill, and many others to buy various members of Congress to push her ridiculous liberal agenda. The remainder are distributed to a series of her trusted “pimps” in the designated “base cities” of Moscow, Washington D.C, Sao Paulo, and Jakarta, where they sold into slavery as prostitutes.

Only one month into 2017, three months after her loss in the election, and already we witness another crooked act by Crooked Hillary. Honestly people, what more do you expect?

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