Government Funds Directed Toward ‘Bulk Explosives’

The process through which the government procures everything from weapons to services is a complicated one. Billions of dollars are spent each year for various purposes, from new fighter aircraft to janitorial services. Journalists for The Colomen have investigated this process. During our investigation we uncovered some suspicious activity between government contractors and the government.

In the few months of 2017, the government—more specifically, the Justice Department—has already awarded 181,950 USD to a “Matrix X, LLC.” 68,750 USD of this sum were paid for “bulk explosives” and 113,200 USD for “a collection of items, which are used for a specific purpose.” In 2016, 72,450 USD were allocated to Matrix X, LLC for similar items. In 2015, Matrix X, LLC saw 113,050 USD from the Justice Department. These transactions are in no way uncommon; some contractors would view this as bug dust.

However, in the past two years Matrix X, LLC has received a total of 367,450 USD for—as far as we can tell—explosives. But the story gets better. The address given on the FBO website is a house in Florida. This one to be precise:


This three-bedroom, two-bath house is an odd place to have a business selling explosives to the government. Police reports have indicated that the residence also houses a fairly large and complex meth operation.

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