New Head Of EPA To Get Big Government Out Of The Way Of Business

Former Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, was confirmed today as the new head of the EPA. This nomination comes after days of stalling on the parts of Democratic Senators. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, called the stunts “a historic level of obstruction” of government operation. This comes as Liberal Senators and Congressmen call for the investigation into alleged Russian hacking, an unsubstantiated claim.

Pruitt has fought the tyrannical EPA on several occasions. As Attorney General he led the now famous lawsuit against the EPA’s infringement on state and business rights. Pruitt’s efforts to sift through government regulations have garnered him praise among many businesses. As head of the EPA Pruitt is expected to drastically alter the current trend of increasing government oversight, such as Obama era rules that ban the use of federal land for utilization of certain resources. Pruitt will most likely reform what is now known as the “second Tragedy of the Commons,” where publicly owned land is unavailable for use by anyone. Pruitt and the new Trump administration are likely to try and pass legislation dedicated to once again allowing the use of federal lands for public use.

The White House was unavailable to comment.

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