Shocking Report Links City Water To Lower IQ

A report published in the American Journal of Pediatrics found children who were exposed to elevated levels of fluoride—a chemical added to public drinking water—were more likely to have developmental disabilities and lower IQs. The report was conducted from March of 2009 to November 2016 by researchers from the University of California Irvine in numerous municipalities and rural regions around the country. 7,891 people were tracked in the study. Researchers found that children who were primarily exposed to public drinking water had an average of 7.5 fewer IQ points than their rural peers. The research team said the findings were shocking and warrant further investigation.

What the report fails to mention is the geographic correlation between areas of high fluoride levels and high percentages of Democratic voters. In our own analysis of the data presented in the reported overlaid with voting data from local governments, we found voting districts with public drinking water were more than 4 times as likely to have voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump. This would indicate that liberals are forcibly “dumbing down” the electorate so voters will be less able to think critically about policy initiatives. In 2016 alone, more than 300 voting districts were added to the public water system. The liberal elites will stop at nothing to achieve their goals of complete control, including the poisoning their own people.

Many townships have already banned the practice of adding fluoride to the water. Unfortunately, this might not be enough given the EPA’s January proposals to mandate the addition of fluoride to all centralized water systems. 

The EPA declined to comment.

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