Clintons Send Proxy To Kremlin


A leak, discovered by a Colomen reporter, from a Clinton aide, reveals that Hillary and Bill Clinton, career politicians with a history of corruption and theft, have sent a proxy to the Kremlin.

The email cites the reason for the meeting as being “a ‘trade’ deal”. Thus, it is clear that the Clintons are involved in trading United States’ secrets to the Russians. The leak, which was in the form of an email, details the Clinton’s aide flight plans, his visit to the Kremlin, and the “trade” deal; however, provides very little other information.

However, what is clear is that the Clintons are conspiring against the United States government, and providing Russia with information vital to our nation’s security. This is an act of treason and must be investigated!

The Clintons have always been involved in shady, treasonous deals with foreign countries; however, this new ‘trade’ with the Russians must be in an act of spite against the current administration and President Trump (who beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election by the highest margin of electoral votes in the past 3 decades).

While the Clintons deserve to be locked up for their rest of their lives, it would be no surprise to The Colomen staff, our readers, or the American people, if no action were to be taken on this new act of treason. The mainstream media continues to pedal lies about the Trump administration and its relationship with Russia, and I’m sure they will find some way to blame this on the current administration. As well, the Justice Department, currently drowning in liberal employees, will most likely do nothing.

This story will continue to be updated as our reporters gather more information, and as the story progresses.


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