Disenfranchising Furries

Everyone knows that Crooked Hillary won the popular vote, but not many people know the reason for her victory.


Furries are people who believe that they are animals born in a human body, so they choose to dress and act like animals of their choice. Furries have all the rights that you and I do. This means that they can vote.

Should animals have the right to vote? Most would say no. It’s pretty black and white.  Should Furries have the right to vote? That’s where we run into some gray area.

In a recent survey, 98% of all furries who voted in the presidential election voted for Hillary Clinton. The other two percent voted for a combination of Donald Trump and a wolf named Kenai from Arkansas who was the nominee for the Furry Party. Securing the Furry vote could prove vital to future elections, especially as the group is growing rapidly.

It is evident that Hillary secured the furry vote, and many believe that without the support of this demographic, Crooked Hillary may not have won the popular vote.

We know that Furries are voting, but the question remains: should they be allowed?

My answer is no simply because they believe that they are animals. Should my pet ferret be allowed to vote? Should someone who believes they are a ferret be allowed to vote?

I don’t make the decisions.

Let’s just be thankful that the popular vote doesn’t decide elections.

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