Lego Batman Movie: Liberal Propaganda?

This weekend I took my foster children to see “The Lego Batman Movie.”

The kids and I both enjoyed the movie. There were very funny moments and the action and visuals were superb; however, there was one thing I could not help but notice: the liberal propaganda subtly hidden in the film.

In the beginning of the movie, there’s a scene where Batman is playing his mixtape while fighting bad guys. The song he fights to, titled something like “GET NUTS MIX,” has lyrics describing how awesome he is. The whole thing is a joke of course, so a lot of it is meant to be stuff that isn’t awesome, like being an asshole, a playboy, and single (things that I personally don’t consider to be too bad). Towards the end of the song, one of the lyrics is something along the lines of, “and I don’t pay my taxes.” This was a direct and disgusting jab by the movie’s writer, Seth Grahame-Smith, at President Donald Trump.

Throughout the film, there is a message of teamwork. While I completely recognize the value of teamwork, what the police commissioner of Gotham, a token Milano woman, was suggesting in the film was that, when it comes to fighting crime, Batman is not successful, and that an expanded police bureaucracy would be much better. This is not “teamwork,” but classic liberal over-regulating, over-spending, bureaucratic, socialist bullshit. They even quoted the faux-African proverb made famous by Hillary Clinton (aka Crooked Hillary) several times throughout the movie.

I enjoyed parts of this movie, but its liberal agenda, frankly, ruined it. Politics, specifically disgusting liberal hate politics, should not be spread throughout children’s entertainment to brainwash them.

The Left is winning the culture war through dirty tactics. We shouldn’t go as low as them, but we must fight back!

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