New Link Discovered Between Vaccines And AIDS

In this modern era, it is common knowledge that vaccines cause Autism. It’s why I don’t vaccinate myself or my children, and it’s why you shouldn’t either. And as if Autism weren’t scary enough, new links have been found between the flu vaccine and HIV/AIDS.

In a survey given to all patients who have tested HIV positive in the United States, 86% of them had been vaccinated or exposed to needles prior to their diagnosis. These staggering statistics point to a correlation between vaccines and HIV/AIDS.

Former LA Lakers point guard Magic Johnson was at the pinnacle of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the early ’90s. He is perhaps the most famous person in history to have the disease, and prior to his diagnosis, he was vaccinated annually.

It is evident that vaccination causes HIV/AIDS, yet the masses still insist on mandatory flu, tetanus, you name it shots so that these, when compared to HIV/AIDS and Autism, insignificant diseases are less common. It is up to the educated, the intelligent, and the brave to end vaccination and in doing so irradiate HIV/AIDS and Autism from the face of the earth.

We did it with Polio; let’s do it with AIDS.

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