Global Warming Is A Lie

Democrats have been saying for years that “Oh!  The climate’s changing!  Oh, taxpayers, we have to use your hard-earned money to help protect polar bears and penguins and shit!”  And yet—beyond the fact that nobody gives a damn about polar bears—has any real evidence for climate change been presented?  The answer is no.

Democrats keep citing this “Oh!  97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is real!”  Well, Democrats, maybe that’s because you paid them to say that!  I say we ought to believe in the 3 percent who aren’t willing to sell out to further this Democratic nonsense!

Slovenian cold-regions engineer Luka Horvat wrote in a Twitter post on Sunday evening what was loosely translated to, “Helmec!  It be the coldest here now today as it have been in several sun cycles!”  Attached was a photo of Luka and his wife (presumably; she was wearing a wedding ring but it could have been his sister or a work friend) outside on a hike.

Geologist Larry Bedfort in Michigan similarly noted that “Wow!  Today was a cold one up here!  Don’t forget your mittens!”  Riddle me this, “scientists”: if the earth is getting hotter, how is it that these people are so cold?

Clearly there’s some significant debate within the scientific community about the merits of this socialist propaganda.  So don’t bother turning off your TV when you go outside or unplugging the AC in the wintertime.  Remember that global warming is just a myth perpetrated by the Chinese (like Santa and Shakespeare).

And don’t forget your mittens, Democrats.  I’ll bet they’re laced with the millions you’ve stolen from taxpayers to further these lies.  You swine.

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