Press Secretary Spicer Attacked For McCarthy Impression

Press secretary Sean Spicer has received a fair amount of flak in over the last week as a result of his impersonation of Melissa McCarthy at his press conference last Tuesday.

Democratic members of the press corps targeted Spicer for wearing a suit, noting that McCarthy also wore a suit in her recent performances on Saturday Night Live.

Said McCarthy in an interview on Friday, “Look, it’s unfair of Mr. Spicer to poke fun like that.  I’m a professional and he’s a professional.  Let’s just go about our jobs without all this unpleasantness.”

Our political analysis have concluded that Spicer did indeed intend to imitate McCarthy.  “Look at all the signs,” said senior analyst Joe Reynolds, “He wore a suit in the same style as Melissa; he spoke in roughly the same tone and with roughly the same cadence; and he wore way more makeup than he normally does.”

But can you blame him?  I mean, how is Sean supposed to keep his cool when lowly Hollywood actors can do a better job than he can?

Admittedly, Spicer did go a bit too far when he began throwing chairs at journalists, shouting “OH YEAH?!  CAN SEANNY ANSWER QUESTIONS NOW?!  GOT ANYTHING ELSE TO ASK, BUZZFEED?!”

He is expected to make a public statement regarding the incident sometime in the next few days.  Says spokesperson Katie Webb, “It will not be pleasant.”

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