Trump’s Bankruptcies: Success Or Failure?

Liberal propaganda consistently compares President Donald J. Trump to the success of his business(es), The Trump Organization (which is the collective name of the nearly 500 businesses in which Trump is the proprietor). Extremists like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton constantly refer to his 6 declarations of bankruptcy, claiming that they are representative of his qualities as a leader and a businessman.

Well riddle me this, Hillary. President Trump has filed for bankruptcy on 6 separate occasions. According to Michelle Lee (2016) of the Washington Post, Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts filed for bankruptcy in 2004 after accumulating over 1.8 billion dollars in debt. Trump’s most recent net worth, calculated in 2015, is approximately 3.5 billion dollars. Wow… what a recovery! How is it that a net recovery of 5.3 billion dollars after going 1.8 billion dollars in debt is still considered a failure?

Even if the stubborn liberals refuse to be swayed, this evidence only serves to cement the belief of The Colomen that Donald J. Trump is an admirable businessman. The current national debt is about 18.96 trillion dollars… we expect great things out of you, President Trump.

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