Vegetarians: Terrorists?

We’re all aware of this new fad called ‘vegetarianism,’ but, ultimately, we should all know that it’s not that big a deal and that they’re people too.

That was a test: if you agree with the above statement, you are a communist.

Clearly, these ‘vegetarians’ are an attempt by Democratic extremists to infiltrate the population of hardworking, decent Americans.

Raj Patel, head researcher at the World Health Organization, noted in an exclusive interview with The Colomen that “Vegetarians are basically extremists, pushing on everybody their filthy ways.  ‘Oh!  I don’t eat meat so I’m great!’  Nobody gives a fuck about what you eat, you shit.”

Intel from Harry Goldberg, chief intelligence analyst at the CIA, suggests that vegetarians may have more in the works than pushing their grubby liberal agenda.  “They as a community seem to be accumulating a staggering amount of sulphuric acid, a critical component to the high-order explosive, nitroglycerin.”  Reports have indicated that as much as 230 metric tonnes of sulphuric acid have been delivered to vegetarian-owned residences in the last twelve months.  Says Goldberg, “It’s a clear indicator of a widespread effort to destroy the conservative community.”

Vegetarian, vegan: it’s all the same.  If you’re gonna advertise what you eat, you don’t deserve a vote.

2 thoughts on “Vegetarians: Terrorists?

  1. I knew there was something wrong with my son. Like I really just didn’t care about what she was eating or the fact that she was a vegetarian. I have to make sure to either stop being a vegetarian or just to stop advertising it. I can not stand communists, it like my son and the rest of them are just taking over society with their stupid vegetarianism. Thank you for bringing this problem to my attention. I have to help to stop this problem, and I am glad that you’re on my side.


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