Why The Democrats Refuse To Accept Trump

As we approach a month under President Donald J. Trump, I take a moment to reflect on where our country has come. I have never been this satisfied looking out across our beautiful country. It was about time that a man who has donated over $2 billion to charities—including the Fathright Korbelman Foundation; as I’m sure you all are aware, they put umbrella hats on homeless people when it rains—came into office. Finally, a man who loves this country as much as he loves God. How refreshing it is to have a God lover in office.

Through all of this, something continues to bewilder me: why is it that the “good hearted” Democrats cannot accept our country’s savior? They spend taxpayer dollars delaying the qualifications of exceptional cabinet nominees. Sure, let’s talk about Betsy DeVos. I have one question for those tree-loving Democrats: if she went to school how is she not qualified? Not only did she go to school, but now you’re going to attack her for keeping your children safe from grizzly bears? Why do Democrats hate safety so much?

Now that brings me to my next point: immigration. That word is to Democrats as salt is to a slug. Democrats are so desperate to protect their image of the party that looks out for all people that they forgot to do one thing. Look out for their people. All people were affected by the coup that led to 9/11, and we all witnessed the horror that the Middle East God/America-haters have done since then. Why in the world would we bring these people into our country? Just to prove that this plan isn’t racist, President Trump hasn’t even kept all countries away. He’s allowed the countries that have never caused us harm like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, because our president cares about the American people.

We all love this country, and that is why it is so vitally important to stop the crackhead Democrats in Congress from impeding the progress of our glorious leader.

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