François Fillon Betrayed The French People: Le Pen Only Option For THE PEOPLE

François Fillon, an establishment French politician who is currently the “conservative” candidate in the French presidential election, released a video on Facebook this past week to “apologize” to the French people.

Fillon had been caught paying his wife and children with taxpayer money to do literally nothing, and, afterwards, he fell significantly in the polls. The candidate is undoubtedly guilty of STEALING taxpayer money, and, yet, he has still made a desperate, last-ditch attempt to remain in the election.

The video isn’t even worth describing as it was nothing but lies.

Thus, the French election has now become open to the two other main candidates: Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

Emmanuel Macron seems to be almost as BAD as Fillon. He’s a politician who has never been ELECTED, serving as a minister and advisor to the current socialist president, François Hollande. Hollande has been a disaster for France, allowing Muslim immigrants to run free across his country, resulting in numerous terrorist attacks. Macron will be just as bad for France, if not worse.

Thus, the only candidate left, who will be able to fight for the French people, is Marine Le Pen. While she has been faced with numerous accusations of fascism, semitism, and racism, from FAKE NEWS organizations, such as CNN and the BBC, Le Pen is a strong-minded leader who will protect and fight for the French people. She’s only the viable option left, and the French people must gather and vote for her so that they may finally TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK.

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