Letters From Paula to the Romans Remastered


It has been many moons since I first laid eyes on thee,
My bosom swells when I recall the gleaming of the moonlight on your breast plate.
I swoon when I hear the marching footsteps of legionnaires. My heart pulses.

I fear you will not come back to our holy land. Your home is not in Rome.
Oh Roman flee thy bounds of servitude, rejoice in the warmth of my passion.
We shall fill each other with love so great and often that your pagan gods will find it bawdy.

Come home sweet Roman, let us lie in the Dead Sea and make life.
You my legionary, I will call your name with the volume and desire of Vercingetorix’s last stand. Sweep me of my feet as you did the Carthaginians.

Let me take you to the Heights of Gowan, we shall lie among the grazing sheep.
Touch me as did Paris did to Helen. Forswear your mundane life, Italy holds no stock for those that yearn.

I wish once again to see your olive toned skin. Tell me tales of of Lutetia, may I too one day lie with you in the city of love. Led me hold your gladius, that in my hands I may feel the weight of your sins.

Speak to me good roman. Are you not a gentleman, show thy lover some respect.
Anon I shall rise and thou shall be at my door. I shan’t sleep alone no more.

Oh roman. How dost I love thee.

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