Yes! That is right! Whiny liberal celebrities are going to CANCEL the Oscars, because they’re too upset about the President!

Reports have it, that the Academy of Motion Pictures, in the United States, are cancelling the Oscars because they believe that “while [they] would love to celebrate films, [they] must focus [their] energy on defeating the tyrant running our country”. These liberal celebrities have gone to a whole new extreme!

And you know what? I don’t mind.

Cancel the Oscars and see who cares. The movies that win Oscars nowadays are movies that nobody sees! Only like a thousand people saw ‘Spotlight’, ‘Birdman’, or the past couple winners. I miss the days when relatable Americans, like John Wayne and Cary Grant, won Oscars. And this year will just be worse! ‘La La Land’, which was a fake musical, that ended up being utter shit, will probably win. It’s about stuck up “struggling” people in L.A.


The real people struggling are average Americans living in Appalachia or the Mid-West, who can’t afford food because of OBAMACARE. And, if ‘La La Land’ doesn’t win, it’ll either be the liberal, gay, black sob story ‘Moonlight’, or ‘Manchester by the Sea’, a boring piece of shit.

So you know what! I don’t care if the Oscars are cancelled! It’ll show that liberal celebrities are insane, and I can go without seeing some shit movie, which nobody saw, win a trophy.


Go ahead! Cancel them!


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