Milo Yiannopolus: Undercover Spy?

Milo Yiannopoulos causes traditional Republicans and Democrats alike a pounding headache. The extravagant, fast-witted, senior editor of Breitbart consistently makes headlines for the things he says.

“It’s all an act” says Dr. Lee Parker of UC Davis. Parker, a Ph.D in social psychology, often observes the actions of polarizing characters in United States culture. Dr. Parker even goes as far to say that these actions and words may not be his own. “One must simply look at the expression on his face when he says the more outrageous things.”

He goes on to say that it is pretty clear that Yiannopoulos is being paid, most likely by a government. This leads to the obvious assumption that Milo is a spy.

An extremely reliable source has informed me that Mr. Yiannopoulos has been working with a variety of governments overseas to rise to fame, and to use that fame as a platform for extreme investigative reporting. This was evident by his work as White House correspondent for Breitbart. What Yianopoulos was able to do while in the People’s House could potentially lead to an extreme breach in national security.

These attacks on our country by outside governments are truly terrifying. Forget the “Russian influence” rhetoric that the left spews as it continues the fight for relevance. This man is a living, breathing example of the dangers that this country faces. Clearly these outside countries think that giving him a conservative platform will blind the receptors of the conservative media. No one who comes to this country with the intent of spreading international propaganda should be welcome, regardless of what party they pretend to support. Finally a bipartisan issue we all can agree on.

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