Review: On Economic Arrogance

Economist Paul Krugman posted an op-ed piece in the New York Times yesterday, called On Economic Arrogance.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, don’t bother.

Krugman begins by citing the Trump Administration’s economic projections in an attempt (and a poor one at that) to argue that these numbers were entirely artificial, chosen only “to make the fiscal outlook appear better.”

Krugman uses similar arguments to attack our President and Commander-In-Chief, Donald J. Trump, insinuating that Trump has in some way made up figures before.  The problem with this accusation is that Trump has done no such thing.

Krugman says that Trump is wrong about crime.  This is just untrue.  Crime is currently at a record high, this year’s fatalities surpassed only by those throughout the entirety of the Civil War, according to assistant mortician Jared Yertes at Candler County Hospital in Metter, Georgia.

And Krugman says Trump’s lying about the illegal voters too.  Again, pure nonsense.  Even over the past few weeks, there have been hundreds of reports of Mexicans pouring into this country (illegally, one can assume) by the busload.

Texas resident and gun expert Jimmy Henderson says “They just keep comin’ in, day after day.  And the government seems to be tryin’ to help ’em, checkin’ their passports and whatnot.  It’s disgusting, really.”  We can only speculate as to what these people are doing once they get into the country, but a statement issued by the White House indicates that “they’re all rapists and drug-dealers.”

Beyond these outrageous, offensive, personal attacks on the Leader of the Free World, Krugman tries to argue that republican pillars like tax cuts and deregulation don’t increase economic efficiency.  What?  Are you listening to yourself, Paul?  This country was founded on the principle that if you work hard and make a lot of money (that, of course, is the only way one would make a lot of money), you get to keep that money for yourself.  Fuck everybody else.  That’s your goddamn money, dammit.

In sum, Krugman seeks not only to attack our President, but to attack conservatism generally.  He wants to propagate the liberal myth that facts are facts, period.  Facts are whatever we want them to be.  That’s the beauty.

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