Why Elizabeth Warren Is A Traitor

Elizabeth Warren, or as I like to call her, The Mother of American Hatred. We all know that members of the United States Senate are chosen purely on their values (Massachusetts seceding?) yet somehow she forgot this truth and chose to slander the name of our Attorney General, and former fantastic senator, Jeff Sessions. This alone could give the label of traitor to her shrill voice, yet her hatred for this country extends well into her past.

Warren graduated from Rutgers University in 1976, leaving behind her an awful reputation. “She would cheat consistently on exams, and spent 90% of her time trying to organize groups to bring back Plessy vs. Ferguson” said James Lewis, a former classmate of hers. This was a common theme with many of her former classmates that I talked to. “You simply got the sense that she hated America,” said a former friend of her’s who asked to remain anonymous. The more that I spoke to people from her past, the more one thing in particular became clear: Elizabeth Warren ran for the United States senate to, in her view, go in “the belly of the beast.” She is simply trying to push for the destruction of our nation.

It is with this realization that her truly unpatriotic attack of a colleague becomes understood. Now, her reasoning is much less clear but looking at the legislation she has voted for allows for some indicators. She has been in support of rare diseases, establishing “National Rare Diseases Day” to celebrate them, she passed the “Smart Savings Act” which is essentially an attack on old people. Clearly these actions are due to the influence of some outside power.

What might this power be? We may never know, what we do know is that it must be stopped, and together we can make a difference!

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