House Minority Uses Real Whip

The House Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer, a Democratic Congressmen from Maryland, has apparently taken his new role as Whip very seriously. Congressman Hoyer has been seen parading around The Capitol with a black bull whip in hand. Hoyer has been going from office to office poking his head in and speaking to hesitant congressmen who aren’t sure about voting for legislation he is trying to pass.

“He threatened to give me 50 lashes on the House floor,” said Ron Kind, a junior Congressman from Wisconsin, “if I didn’t vote for his environmental protection bill.”

Hoyer held a press conference to address this issue and seemed confused as to why people were upset at him. “Do you know what my job title is?” Hoyer said angrily to one reporter who asked why he was whipping people. “My job is to be the whip, therefore I have been instructed by my party to ‘whip’ votes. It’s a fairly straight forward job.”

This is another clear example of how dysfunctional and uneducated the Democratic Party is. The Whip for each party, as well all know, is simply there to speak to members of his or her party to get enough votes to pass legislation that falls in line with their party’s agenda. Our government is not the place for the promotion of that type of violence to sway people to do they want. The government is supposed to set the example, so here’s one question: Is this the example you want for your children?

I didn’t think so.

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