WikiLeaks Reveals Clinton In Contact With FEC Prior to Elections

In WikiLeaks’ latest release of DNC emails, it was revealed that Hillary Rodham Clinton, then running for the Democratic Nomination, was in regular contact with the FEC Chair, Ann Ravel.

The emails show that the two were in close contact, most emails do not mention the election, but in one Ann says, “good luck this week in California”, in reference to Clinton’s primary competition against Bernie Sanders.

Even more shocking was the email that came only days from Ravel stating, “if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.” The emails are truly eye-opening. They shed a light into the sleazy, wheelin’ ‘n deelin’ of DC politics. The FEC is an independent body, supposedly unconnected to party politics. The Commission requires that each party has no more than 3 of the 6 members total.

This has created gridlock with the Commission as each side refuses to negotiate with the other.

The emails are being reviewed thoroughly by legal scholars from the Heritage Foundation. They are unwilling to say yet if they will bring litigation against Clinton. The Attorney General of New York says they are reviewing the emails for possible breaches of FEC rules.

The emails have been called the “latest of many cracks in our democracy” by numerous alternative news organizations that have chosen to cover this story. The Kremlin released a statement calling for the investigation of the serious breach in etiquette.

“We hope our American friends will be able to resolve this embarrassment that has been the 2016 election. The people of America have spoken, they wish Donald Trump to be their president.” The Kremlin has been implicated by the Democrats as to have helped Donald Trump in the election. The Democrats have produced no evidence to substantiate their claim.

The FEC released a statement that it was conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was unavailable to comment.

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