Trump Gives Christie Poisoned Meatloaf

At a recent meeting between the New Jersey Governor and President Donald J. Trump a lot was made of the meal choices the gentlemen had for dinner. Chris Christie said on CNN, (fake news) that President Trump strongly encouraged him to order the meatloaf with him. Trump has never been known for pressuring others into eating food before, so the question is: Why now?

It is clear that this was a possible assassination attempt from the President to Governor Christie. His reasoning couldn’t be more clear. Chris Christie is a weak man trying to squish his way into the administration. Chris Christie would then obviously attempt to undermine the President and use his platform as a bid to run in 2020.

Now, the President knows he clearly isn’t a threat, even if he did manage to do all that he set out to do. Our President is clearly just taking all the necessary precautions he sees fit. Again, this is why The Colomen continues to support President Trump. He has proven time and time again that he will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Now, I understand what critics will say. The President shouldn’t necessarily be promoting things like murder for the rest of the country. To that I would come back with two things: One, this was a leak by Chris Christie, and otherwise would never have gone to the public. And two, there does come a time where a president needs to throw precedent, as well as the “rule book” out the window for the well being of this nation.

Thank you President Trump for continuing to to look out for the well being of America.

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