Steve Bannon and The American Identity 

Much ado has been made regarding Steve Bannon’s ideas of the role of government. The mainstream media has gone so far as to call him a fascist and he is regularly depicted as the Grim Reaper on SNL. He is the most notorious man in the White House, besides the President. His ideas are understood by the real Americans. The coastal elite are blinded by their wealth and power. Wealth they have gained by exploiting the hardworking men and women of the American interior. Bannon has struck a nerve with these folk, the people with whom the feeling of dirt beneath the fingernails is familiar. Collectively they have empowered Bannon. What the media fails to do is to give Bannon a chance to follow through with his ideas of a better America.

Fascism has no home in America, but Bannonism does. Bannonism says we are not equal, that cultures have fundamental differences that determine their success in competition with other cultures. This competition between cultures is the societal extension of capitalism. Those that can be better should be, they should crowd out the lesser, just like in business.

This is why Islam doomed, it’s not that the Quran fuels terrorism (which it does), but that the Anglo-Saxon people have adapted better to civilization. The West gave the world the ideas of freedom, equality, democracy, tolerance; any people who are unable to accept these ideas are backwards barbarians. Those that have should not be expected to wait for them to catch up. Social Darwinism is Social Capitalism, the belief that those who can get ahead should, and they should not be expected to hold the hands of cultures who refuse to accept progress.

Bannonism as applied to government is simple. Government is intended to check society’s worst impulses. However, government has become an embarrassment to the West. It has served only to restrict the natural progression of humanity. The deconstruction of the administrative state must begin with the deconstruction of the services provided by government. Social Security, SNAP, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, schools, roads, rural health centers, regulation of Wall Street, defense, police, immigration regulation, and building a wall are all services provided by the administrative state. The same administrative state that is undoing the fabric of American society. Government services will be handed to the for-profit businesses. American workers savings will be at the hands of Wall Street investors, where their capitalist ideals drive them to care not for you, but for themselves.

This is Bannon’s idea of government, the era of big government is over.

E Pluribus Unum, or Out of Many, One. Steve Bannon is the one, but out of which many.

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