BREAKING NEWS: Marco Rubio Caught Helping Cubans Cross The Gulf Into Miami

On Sunday, Republican Senator and 2016 presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, was spotted by the Coast Guard on his private boat off the coast of Miami with his family. They were reportedly traveling in the direction of Cuba, and the boat was towing several large inner tubes. They were seen again by another Coast Guard vessel entering a Miami marina (The Colomen is not at liberty to share the name), and no inner tubes were present.

Between the two Coast Guard sightings, approximately 10 hours passed, enough time to speed over there and speed back. With the discrepancies between the trip towards Cuba and the return voyage, tubes and no tubes, and Senator Rubio being Cuban American, the implications are obvious: “Republican” Senator Marco Rubio was clearly giving these inner tubes to Cubans to use to travel into the United States… Illegally.

According to our sources in the Coast Guard, there were 4 inner tubes on board, all of which were circular in shape with diameters of approximately 5 feet: 1 for each of the Senator’s children. In terms of Cubans, however, each tube could potentially hold about 6 adults, with a maximum capacity of up to 10 fugitives if some are kids, according the Cuban Ministry for Refugees.

To conclude, given good weather, no sickness/disease, no shark attacks, capsizing, Coast Guard intervention, etc, Marco Rubio could have potentially helped 40 Cuban refugees arrive in the United States. It is revolting that a so-called Republican could do something like this to our great country.

Even more upsetting, however, is that the Floridian Senator has yet to be questioned about his actions, much less detained and imprisoned. Action needs to be taken to stop Rubio and those like him. These refugees and illegal immigrants are detrimental to our nation and its well-being, and if walls are how we put an end to it, then more walls need to be built. Regardless of the solution, this requires action, and time is running out.

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