Review: The Embarrassment of President Trump

In an article published in the New Yorker a couple weeks ago, author Jeffrey Frank makes slanderous and outrageous attacks on our president, the Honorable Donald J. Trump, Esquire.

Mr. Frank first pokes fun at Trump’s physical appearance.  He implies that his eyes and hair are somehow unfitting of a president.  Oh, ha ha Jeff.  Very funny.  Somehow I’m reminded of all those times when you and your liberal contingent got all high and mighty in response to similar remarks by President Trump about women.  You know what I think our Lord and savior Jesus Christ would say about this?  “Jeff, you’re a dirty, no-good hypocrite!”  Thanks, Jesus.

Jeff also implies that Trump would soon be bored of the humdrum bureaucracy that is public service.  Are you kidding me?!  He’s committed to making America not just better, but Great!  You think he didn’t understand what that would entail?  You think he just walked into this job seeking attention and fame?  Shame on you, sir.  Shame.

He criticizes President Trump’s tweeting.  Tell me Jeff, how else is the leader of the free world supposed to communicate with his people?  Come on, Jeff!  Do you think LinkedIn is a viable alternative?

And he characterizes Trump’s behavior as “erratic.”  He calls out our President for defending his honor by continuing to insist that a massive voter fraud led to Hillary Clinton’s popular vote win.  Ignorant to the truth, Jeff calls this enormous scandal “mythical.”  Wake up, Jeff.  Voter fraud is real; it’s here.  Millions of illegal immigrants made a coordinated effort to spite Donald Trump: they illegally obtained voter IDs, went to polling locations to cheat the system, and cut deals with the liberal media to cover it up.  Saying it never happened isn’t going to help anyone.

Ultimately, Jeffrey Frank makes hurtful and offensive comments and makes use of little to no evidence to substantiate his claims.  Says law professor Jason O’Malley of Arizona State University’s College of Law, “these slanderous remarks may well be deserving of legal backlash by Mr. Trump.”  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, Jeff.

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