The War Of Biblical Proportions

The Trump administration has promised to bring a renewed vigor to the fight against the self proclaimed Islamic State. They have promised to dedicate more resources to the fight that has claimed the lives of thousands of Christians—the Christians that live in the Holy Land; the ones with a spiritual connection to the founders of our religion. Americans, as Christians ,have a moral responsibility to defend their kind who have come under attack from those of another, in this case, Muslims. The war against ISIS is a war, not only against the wanton use of violence towards a civilian population, but a response to a jihad against our people. The U.S. cannot temper our response to targeted aggression to our kind.

When one religion declares war against another it will not do to respond in any many but in kind. The US must protects it’s citizens before it protect those of another country, and even then, the safety of it’s citizen must be of primary importance. The wars in Iraq and Syria have claimed the lives of thousands of men, women and children. It is a disgrace, that in the 21st century, such wanton violence perpetuates. While we act to stop the killings we must protect our citizens. In short, a live of 1 American should be worth hundreds of Syrians in the eyes of the American government. We all receive equal treatment under God, but these are not divine matters. The temporal state has an Obligation to it’s citizens, none other.

America has tried to play God on the world stage, to treat all equally. This has failed miserably. Some cultures are not prepared to change the propensities of a thousand years, we cannot catalyze their own progression. We must accept their inferiority and protect those of the superiority.

The war against ISIS is not one of democracy versus fascism, or of freedom versus tyranny. It is of one religion versus another, nothing greater. To say so would be to pervert the direness of the situation. Christians must unite in the manner ISIS has united muslims. Trump’s administration is a breathe of fresh air for citizens worried for their safety. A 9/11 style attack today would not be purely physical in nature. Advancement in technology has brought new opportunities as well as risks. From thousands of miles away a team of hackers behind screens can wreck more havoc than the 19 men did behind the controls.

The Trump administration must counter ISIS at every corner and at every moment. We cannot let them seize advantages, we must cripple their finances and nullify their propaganda efforts. The laid-back approach of the Obama Administration was and will be insufficient in combatting the terrorist organization.

What is needed is massive extermination and nation building effort led by the US and our Christian allies. ISIS poses a threat to more than just of life. We must pose a threat to theirs.

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