The Crimes Of Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen was arrested yesterday on a plethora of charges, ranging from 1st degree murder to mail fraud. According to the FBI, Janet was laundering money from her drug cartel in Mexico, through various Swiss and Cayman accounts to her personal Bank of America account.


Authorities to notice when thousands of money transfers, all 9,999 USD were going into her account at fifteen minute intervals twenty-four hours a day. What they uncovered went beyond their wildest dreams. Through her government connections she started a 4.6 Billion dollar cartel. Janet’s company primarily dealt in the business of heroin, meth, and other controlled substances. Most recently her operation had expanded to include the ivory and exotic animal trades.


Janet Yellen is the chair of the Federal Reserve Bank, an independent government institution charged with setting banking interest rates and the volume of money in the economy. Janet’s position affords her control of monetary policy, which is more important than economic policy.


Her arrest singles what could be the end of the central banking system in the US. The Fed encourages inflation, something that hurts hardworking Americans as their money becomes less valuable. Inflation is the theft of money as interest rates are lower than the rate of inflation which cause you to actually lose value. The system is overdo for a change.


How is it that in our so-called “democracy” we allow one person to have such control over our prosperity. The real crime is not her drug trafficking, but her theft from hard working Americans bank accounts. Write to your elected delegation that you are sick and tired of being robbed by the Federal Reserve.

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