Ask Brent: What’s the deal with pennies?

George Takei from Los Angeles, California writes:

Hello, Brent!

I’m just wondering, what’s the deal with pennies?  I mean, c’mon!  Why don’t they just make prices whole numbers?  It just frees up old ladies to collect change like it’s the Depression again and pay for their antibacterial soap and Nicorette gum in exact change (that’s where I draw the line; if they want to pay in exact change they can do it after I’ve long since left the store).  So why does the government keep producing pennies and enable this foolishness?

An excellent question, George.  And an important one, too.

Intel from U.S. mint indicates that “the cost of producing each penny actually exceeds that penny’s worth in the global market.”  So why are we producing them?

The short answer: it’s a jobs program.  Liberal spendthrifts think that, by employing as many people as possible—regardless of the costs to the government and to society—”the whole world can be a better place!”

It’s precisely this sort of kumbaya nonsense that got our national debt to where it is.

Says economist and left shoe salesman Fred Stevenson, “If we want to establish the United States as a true contributor to the global economy, we need to do away with ridiculous attempts like this to make everybody happy.  That’s why I’ve proposed what’s called the marginal death rate whereby people below a certain income bracket are sent to special facilities in midwestern Nevada to be executed.”

There you have it.  The ball’s in your court, Democrats.

Ask your own Brent here.

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