Hot Dogs: Actually Dogs?

In a recent study done by the FDA, it was found that hot dogs are actually not made of dog meat.

This shocking discovery has begged the question: Should hot dogs be called hot dogs even if they have no dog meat?

To answer that question we must first determine what hot dogs are really made of. To do this, we must first eat some hot dogs.

Using funds from The Colomen, I decided to conduct my own private study to determine the meat used in hot dogs. I bought packages of hundreds of brands of hot dogs and ate a single hot dog from each brand over the course of one week. It should be noted that I fried the hot dogs before consumption.

Each and every hot dog had one thing in common, and that thing was flavor. They all tasted eerily similar to honey. This made me wonder, why do they taste like honey?

I now had another question to answer.

I used more funds from The Colomen to go to a nearby hot dog producing plant. I got into a tour group and managed to slip away. I snook onto the floor of the factory, and I discovered the source of hot dogs.

Bees and cats.

I saw thousands of bees and hundreds of cats being slaughtered for the production of hot dogs. Terrified meows and rapid buzzing deafened me, and I escaped the factory undetected.

The bee population is dropping at an alarming rate because they’re being used to make hot dogs, or should I call them hot cats.

I am asking everyone who reads this to boycott hot dogs (cats). They are the reason that bees are so close to extinction.

If we keep eating hot dogs (cats), we could all die with the bees.

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