The Trumpian Bird

One day I was walking

Not too far from the Tower

As I came nearer

I looked up

And there I saw him

The Trumpian Bird


Behold the sight of me!

The Trumpian Bird exclaimed

For nobody does it better!

And then he striked

Like Thunderball

And the great men of the age

Kings, priests, and scholars

They flocked to the

Trumpian Bird

And they kissed his claws

Exclaiming their admiration for the bird

And while the animals of the forest whined and shouted

And marched throughout the trees

The Trumpian Bird stood in its greatness

And looked down upon the masses and laughed

For it had won

And as the rain poured

The Trumpian Bird began to fall

And I said

“They’re a rotten crowd!

You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together!”

And then just before I began to fall myself

I saw the Trumpian Bird’s wings begin to flap

And I realized that greatness would not fall so easily

As the shoulders of the giants we stand on

Can always give a little nudge


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