BREAKING NEWS: President Trump’s “Mellow” Congressional Address The Result Of Elaborate Liberal Scheme

President Trump’s recent speech to Congress was described by many fake news sources like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, PBS, and others as “presidential,” “refined,” and even “normal.” He read directly from the teleprompter, and refrained from his famous ranting, improvisational departures from his script, which modern liberals and fake news found “refreshing.”

However, for those of us who appreciate having the truth told to us straight-up, as Trump is known for, his address was boring and lacking in content, as well as his traditional charisma. This change can’t be a decision that Trump made independently, and we at The Colomen have encountered intel showing that this boring speech was a result of an elaborate liberal ploy to undermine the conservative agenda by infiltrating Trump’s group of speech-writers.

We learned early yesterday morning from reliable sources—Breitbart and President Trump’s twitter feed—that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. If today’s liberals are capable of a large-scale scandal like this, it is no stretch that they could have conducted a simple swap of Trump’s speeches, and we have evidence of this happening.

A source close to The Colomen in the Secret Service (who requested not to be named) reviewed White House video surveillance which showed the act taking place. Barack Obama happened to be the culprit, and the surveillance footage showed him swapping Trump’s speech with a new one only 30 minutes before his address.

These liberals will stop at nothing to push their agenda, whether that means subduing President Trump, selecting Crooked Hillary as their nominee, or even bashing Jeff Sessions in a Congressional hearing for “being a racist.” Tampering with a Congressional address by the President, however, crosses a line, and an end needs to be put to these liberal ploys before they destroy our country.

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