Henry Kissinger calls Obama a “Negroe”- Liberals Outraged

Henry Kissinger, former U.S Secretary of State and longtime foreign policy advisor to U.S presidents, last year, did a series of interviews with The Atlantic, a failing liberal magazine. The questions from the liberal interviewer were all naive and unfair, and Kissinger’s responses were pretty much his usual ones.

However, one interesting development has come out of these interviewers. A leaked recording, from an Atlantic intern, reveals that Kissinger called Obama a “passive, but arrogant negroe”.

I’m sure it won’t surprise anyone, that liberals were once again outraged. People claimed Kissinger’s choice of words were “horrifying,” “racist,” and “triggering.” One Twitter user even said that “Kissinger should be locked up” and that this was “worse than what he did during Vietnam.”

First off, what Kissinger said was not racist. Obama is a black man, and negroe is synonymous with black man. As for being “passive” and “arrogant,” those are all completely true descriptions of the former President. Thus, what Kissinger said was true. Obama is a “passive, but arrogant negroe”.

It’s time for liberals to get their heads out of their arses, and to quit whining and throwing tantrums about certain words. Kissinger is one of the smartest men to walk this Earth, and the idea that a whiny little liberal fag on Twitter should tell him what to do or what to say is ridiculous.

This is why liberalism is crumbling to pieces.

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