The Refugee that Comes at Night

It was a night like any other

I walked back from the brothel

My loins were calm and satisfied

I got into a carriage

Right after buying a newspaper

It read


I thought of Africa

And what the Witchdoctor had said to me that night

The wind howled

The carriage stopped outside my home

I walked in

As I sat in bed

I heard the door open

There stood the Refugee

It was wet, tired, and a ruin

I was too scared to scream

My butler came with a sword

But it was no match for desert magic

The Refugee came towards me

And took my soul

It wore it like a mask

As I drifted away

Into death

But right before

I remembered what the Witchdoctor said that night

We are coming for you

We are taking over

The era of your kind is over



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