Department of Energy: The Truth Behind Stranger Things

The Department of Energy’s Office of the Inspector General opened an investigation into several National Laboratories for their research into gene editing. Many people are familiar with the show “Stranger Things”, but few know how powerful the Department of Energy really is. The DOE is in charge of much of the United States government’s research. Recently the National Institute of Health allowed government funding to be focused towards gene editing. Gene editing allows people to edit the DNA strands of embryonic cells, cutting and replacing genes to create a desired cross. The DOE jumped on this and immediately began funding research directed towards gene editing.

The implications of editing are wide ranging. Supporters say it will bring advances in medicine like vaccines (already proven to cause autism) and other treatments. Detractors however have called it a massive breach into our Lords domain. Timothy Brown of the National Center for Responsible Research, a world renowned advocacy group, spoke with journalists from The Colomen, detailed what exactly gene editing allows scientists to do. “It allows scientist to fundamentally change the nature of man, who God intended us to be. God made us in his image, in his perfection. To change who we are would be to tell God we are more perfect than he.”

Regardless of the implications and lack of research, the DOE is continuing their studies in gene editing. Already scientists have come down with mysterious illnesses cause by gene editing. As scientists replace strands, they change the identity of other strands around it that change to cope with the change initiated by the scientist. 10 percent of the human genome is comprised of viruses the human body has fought in previous generations. When scientists edit the genome, they effectively are creating new viruses, sometimes a merge of two or more from different species. Three scientists of National Laboratories have already been admitted to isolation wards as they have contracted deadly diseases. Despite this the DOE presses on.

The goal of the experiments is to try and create a psychic creature, one that can change the nature of reality and see beyond. This would allow the US armed forces to rapidly collect data on future events and prepare accordingly.

Comments on the program can be sent to:

1000 Independence Ave. SW
Washington DC



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