Nike Makes Sport Hijab for Muslim Athletes-Here’s Why That Isn’t “Harmless”

Nike announced today that they have made, and plan to sell, a Nike hijab that’s made for sport, and which is “breathable”.

I am firmly against this. Yet, my opponents say “what’s the fuss”, and that “it’s, at the very least, harmless”.

Well, my friends, I’m sad to say that a Nike sport hijab is not harmless, just as a burkini isn’t harmless. Both are attacks made by Islam on our culture; attacks, of which, are carried out by politically correct elites.

We are currently at war with Islam, over our lives and our culture. Nike making a sport hijab is not an example of tolerance, it is an example of accommodation. We’re saying to Muslims that we are going to serve you, and that you deserve to be accomadated in society. I’ve never seen any accomadations made by a major brand, such a Nike, to Christians or conservatives; yet, here they are, serving Muslims.

The debate over symbols of muslim oppression, such as burqas and hijabs, is a battle in a war against Islam, over our culture and livelihood. Nike has surrendered that battle to them.

That really is the most fascinating thing: it’s not just muslims who are fighting for their side, it’s politically correct liberals and elites, and they’re the ones who are making the most progress!

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to fight back. They’ve won this battle, but we can still win the war.

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