Why is There no International Men’s Day?

Well, there actually is one!

November 19th is International Men’s Day. But, why have you not heard of it, and why is it not celebrated and recognized?

I’ll tell you why! Because of SEXISM!

Feminists, and their liberal enablers, are happy to celebrate and recognize women all day, yet, when it comes to celebrating men, who built civilization, they won’t lift a finger! If that is not sexism, what is?

This “International Women’s Day”, women are even not showing up to work, as part of a “Day without Women” protest. Somehow, feminists have managed to lessen their contribution to society!

I have no problem with recognizing women’s accomplishments in society, but skipping work seems to be the completely opposite way to do that. Today should be a day when women work even harder than usual, and where they contribute as much as possible to society!

All I know for sure, is that this November 19th, I’m going to encourage as many people to celebrate International Men’s Day by working as hard as possible.

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