Remembering Marcus Garvey and Why We Should Relaunch the Liberia Program

Last month, I was walking through Harlem, and, suddenly, I saw a Starbucks. I walked in, and all around me stood white, middle class, New Yorkers. All I could think to myself was that that is not the Harlem I remember. All I could think was that America is not the place for negroes.

While physical slavery ended over one hundred fifty years ago, enslavement of black people still exists today; however, now, it is more of an enslavement of black culture. White people’s culture has slowly been cutting away at black culture, through cultural appropriation and gentrification. This is a fact, and Harlem is proof.

I remember that night, after seeing the Starbucks, the second I got back to my apartment, I went to my library, and immediately pulled out the “Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey”.

Marcus Garvey was a negroe activist in the early 20th century. He was a Jamaican man, who founded the Universal Negroe Improvement Association, and promoted the idea of pan-africanism.

One of Garvey’s many goals was to create a movement which would drive blacks back to Africa, where they could reclaim their homeland. Garvey started the Liberia Program, which was an attempt to take over Liberia, and create a homeland for the American negroe; however, it was unsuccessful due to European interference.

After seeing that Starbucks in Harlem, I have now decided to do everything that I can to restart that Black Zionist Movement. My plan is to restart this movement, and gather enough followers, and then move to Liberia, and start a political party.

If you are a negroe, understand that America has never been the place for us, and help me and my new movement. Together, we shall create an African-American nation state!


Editor’s Note:

If you wish for more information on The Negroe Zionist’s new movement, you can email

We also plan to invite The Negroe Zionist back to The Colomen, to write another piece on the subject.


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