Murder on the Train

Chug a chug a chug a

Chug a chug a

Choo choo

The whistle sounded

The train rolled along

The coal pouring in

The smoke coming out

The train

pierced the cold wind

like a knife in the dark


the conductor heard a scream

and a gunshot

He ran

through the carriages

until he saw him

The man in  the cloak

The man flung his cloak

and ran

The baroness laid

in a pool of bloôd

the dagger dug in her chest

the conductor ran

chasing the cloaked man


As the conductor ran throughout the carriages

he saw a door fly open, and the cloaked man

go outside

climb up a ladder

on top of the train

The conductor grabbed a steak knife

off the table

and followed the

cloaked man


there they stood

on top of the train

as it sped at incredible speeds

the night surrounded them


“you know you can’t

defeat me”

the cloaked man said

the conductor lunged

with the steak knife

tussled with the

cloaked man

both were penetrated

with the knives

and then they fell

off the train


becoming one with the night

as the baroness became one

with the blood




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