The Monkey’s Tail

It was dark,

and the earth quaked.

The ground was cracked

The Monkey’s tail was severed

blood rushed from the hole


I lifted it by the scruff of the neck

it shrieked

I cast it to the ground in horror

it clawed at my legs

I cut its throat with my dagger


Under its lifeless body,

the blood pooled

I had to hide it

in fear

The Watchman could see


I ran

I climbed over the craggy ground

Then I saw him

The Watchman

He fired his gun


It pierced my heart,

but I did not die

I took my dagger,

and cut his throat

I am immortal


The Monkey’s erect penis

was furry

The Watchman lay dead

his soul escaped his body

with his last breath


I do not know

where my dagger went

perhaps into

the abyss

that is nothing


The Monkey’s Penis

Told me to jump into the abyss,

and so my dagger I followed

I fell into



It was dark

And I saw The Watchman

And The Monkey

their throats cut

and the Monkey without his penis





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