Senator Al Franken’s Secret Past

Senator Al Franken has risen to fame recently for his questioning of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. As he continued to grandstand and smear then Senator Sessions’ name, his ego grew and grew. He clearly feels now as if he is the next star of the Democratic Party, and that he simply can do no wrong in his party’s eyes. He must then of course feel that no one knows what secrets his past holds. In a recent trip to Minnesota, his secrets came to light.

Al Franken has little to no knowledge of politics. He is a comedian who has consistently made a joke about politics in America. The jokes he wrote while on the failing Saturday Night Live were not only distasteful, but disheartening for a United States Senator to say. Many experts believe that Franken’s run for Congress was a joke, and that he does not actually care about policy at all. Whether or not it was a joke is up for debate, but what certainly isn’t is that he shows no understanding on policy, and is simply using his platform as a Senator to boost his personal image.

In a recent trip to his alma mater Harvard University many old friends were able to she light on who the true Al Franken is. All former students asked to remain anonymous due to his stature as a senator, yet the information is just as riveting. One former student explains that Franken attempted to form the “Anarchy Alliance Club.” This was described as a club to discuss why then President Nixon was unqualified to be president, and then eventually plot an illegal plan to overthrow him. He also consistently made an effort to belittle authority figures, and organized a protest to walk out of a test, but then came back and took the test which he got a 100 on due to the curve and the fact that he was the only student taking it.

Senator Franken may feel that he is now in the clear to act however he wants, maybe even run in 2020 now that he has gained some attention. We all must remember that he is a dangerous man who has no regard for our government and is simply a man who is trying to bolster his image. Senator Al Franken deserves no respect, the only bright spot in his career is that he may bring the already crumbling Democratic Party down with him.


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