The Turtle

The little boy stared

at the pond

the clear water

he saw the fishes swimming

the turtle lay dormant

at the bottom


He licked his lolly

the rainbow colored treat


and sweet

he looked into the pond

the fish were gone


the turtle looked at the boy

“Why have you no bread?”

the boy replied

“I have no bread

because I have no coin

with which to buy it”


“But you have a lolly”

The boy was confused

How did he come by the lolly

He could not remember

He could remember nothing

Not even his name


“What is your name, boy”

the turtle asked.

“Sir, I am not sure.

I have no recollection of it.”

“What do you recollect?”

asked the turtle


“I recollect nothing.

I can form no memories.”

The turtle grinned

“Then I shall molest you,” said the turtle

the boy had forgotten the turtle’s words

within seconds


the turtle molested the boy

and the boy

could not recall

that it had happened

in the aftermath

of the event


The boy ran off

he left his lolly

laying on the ground

by the pond

the turtle crawled over

to lick the lolly


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