Ask Brent: Should I See “It”?

This week’s question comes from T. Cruz of Texas.  He writes:

Hello, Brent.  I have a very pressing question to ask this week:  should I watch the new version of Stephen King’s “It” in theaters, should I wait until it hits Blu-Ray and watch it at home with my cat and children, or should I not watch it at all seeing as how it’s communist smut?

Any help is much appreciated.

Best, Mr. T. 

Truly an important question in this day and age, Mr. T..  It seems these days we’re bombarded by entertainment options:  Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, Putlocker, the list goes on…  So your question is an important one, sir:  should we ever go to the theaters?

The short answer is clearly no, but the longer answer is maybe.  Follow me here: 

The story of Stephen King’s “It” is generally presumed to be in some way a commentary on overcoming childhood trauma, but anyone who had actually read the damned thing would tell you otherwise.  It’s clearly an attempt by the political elites to lure unsuspecting, malleable children into their vast palms under the pretense that they’re protecting them from these giant clown monsters (or whatever).

So while, of course, paying for a ticket to see this monstrosity only serves to fill the coffers of the fat cats in Washington, it seems that actually sitting down and watching the film is really the only defense against the propaganda it seeks to spread.

Also I’m pretty sure that Chris Christie plays a major supporting role, so…  probably worth watching just for that.

All the best,


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