The Implications of Independence

We here at the Colomen were shocked when we learned that Catalonia had voted in favor of independence. Independence is a natural progression in all our lives and of all organism, whether biological or political. Whether it is an adolescent’s exit from the home of his/her progenitors or the type of referendum we see taking place in Kurdistan and Catalonia. What if this type of emancipation was not an manifestation of mere social and demographic trends, but a larger, darker trend parallel to the end of the Universe. The prospect is one that intrigues eminent researchers of Entropy, the personification of the decay of order in the Universe. Researcher and former Janitor Stephony Badgery, the leader of Harverd’s Center for Studies at College University, called the prospect that Entropy is real, “devastating” but said that he was “optimistic” that humanity would live to see the coming of the fish god blub-blub-blubb. Entropy is nothing new. Researchers have know about Entropy’s existence for the better part of a baker’s light year.

No one has every seen entropy in his human form. Scientists suspect he looks normal, “but just a little off” (no there is an extremely low chance that your neighbor is entropy) although tips are being recieved at 1-800-LAW-1010.

Regardless of who wins the big game end is nigh for humanity.

Bears. Beets. BellumStellam Galactica.

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