Our Errant Ways: A New Series From The Illuminator

To the Reader:

The Colomen prides itself with being a source for information and analysis of the highest quality. It brings you poems, news, and everything in between. I, the Illuminator am proud to announce a series, of a philosophic nature, examining the world, be it economic or politics, physics or sociology, I want to bring you a thought that goes beyond the fake news of other sites. I want to be the purveyor of novel and inspirational thought that has the potential to forge an unabashed future. Under the scope of our lens will be the trepidatious institutions that hold humanity back from greatness. We shall be the contemporary Rheinische Zeitung, L’Ami du peuple, Common Sense. We cannot allow ourselves to be Kowtowed. Change requires a momentum forceful enough to sway the status quo of our day. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this new chapter in the Colomen’s history.

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