Archaeological Breakthrough Upsets Conventional Thought on Human Intelligence.

Researchers–studying human behavior throughout time–in the Great Rift Valley published their findings–in the December edition of Science–wherein they describe how humans might have evolved to be much smarter if it were not that early intelligent humans been killed by their own kind.

Researchers found evidence that “geniuses” were actually quite common in prehistoric hominid populations roughly 200 hundred thousand years ago. With the help of modern DNA testing these researcher were able to test the intelligence of early hominids in Africa. They revealed that these hominids would actually have found themselves with IQ’s of over 1,000, a value unheard of in modern time. Scientists were puzzled by these results as the upward limit of Homo Sapien Sapien’s IQ is about 160, these results suggest that some early human might have actually had IQ’s ten times greater than the average human today.

Researchers found these geniuses in archaeological digs of early human settlements. They were reportedly found under stones labelled “nerd”.

Researcher Baker O’Muffin leader of the Phoenix University research team that published the result gave a interview with a Colomen Reporter on the findings.

“Obviously this is completely unprecedented in the study of human evolution. We never expected to find these results, it is truly been an amazing experience to discover something so earthshaking in the field of Paleontology.”

Psychologists have analyzed the results and found that these humans would have roughly equivalent computing power to the Tianhe-2 supercomputer. They estimated that would have possessed photographic memories and been capable of an extreme comprehension of the universe. Archaeological evidence supports this conclusion, as formulas such as the theory of relativity and other previously unsolved mathematical scenarios. Mathematicians from nearly every university have requested access to these documents which show the earliest know use of calculus as well as a detailed description of things such as a quantum computer, the expansion of the universe, and the electromagnetic spectrum. It has been hailed as the biggest breakthough in mathematics since humans started to count 150 thousand years ago.

As to why current humans do not share these exemplary IQs researcher found several reason for the lack of contemporary Mega-Genius, as these folks have been dubbed.

Foremost is homicide. Many of these Mega-Geniuses were found with injuries consistent with hanging, stoning and even one who seems to have been killed via a lethal 3-drug cocktail along with a hypodermic syringe, likely of his own devising, which seems to have been turned against him by villagers with a sense of irony. Is seems that although they were incredibly smart they were also quite annoying to other humans. Researchers believed that they would have found hunting, gathering and tool building a rather menial profession compared to theoretical physics and philosophy. Despite how they pleaded for their lives (having a complex understanding of mortality) saying they could help maximize the yields of crops or create a algorithm for predicting rainfall, or for game migrational patterns, or for predicting the location of electrons, they were executed by fellow villagers.

Another theory that scientists put forth in their paper is their own lack of social ability which led them to lead forced celibate lives. It seems to have become an evolutionary trait seen in modern humans, a repulsion to intelligence in fellow humans. Scientists lamented what modern life would have been life if humans were millions of years ahead.

“Star trek would be a reality right now, we would be exploring galaxies light-years away. We would have beaten death, we would be living in the utopia, the possibilities are literally endless,” pines paleontologist Aeshen R. Solknieter, PhD, finishing with “the bottom line is: ladies–and gentlemen,” he quickly adds, “scientists may not be the creme de la creme physically, but hey, that computer geek or science nerd in college may become the progenitor of a ‘mega-genius’ if only someone wouldn’t mind talking about entropy on a first date, and hey all those jocks will have CTE by the time they’re 30, we wear helmets walking down the street.”

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