The Birthday Cake

The wax candle flickered

the wick had almost completely burned

and I sat there looking

at my birthday cake.


No one came to my party

I made my own cake

out of a box.

I couldn’t bring myself to slice a piece


The vanilla frosting began to melt.

The fondant, however,

remained a solid hunk of sugar

I heard a knock on my door


“Perhaps someone has come to my party!”

I exclaimed

I opened my door

to horror.


It was the man who killed my spirit

He had come for my life this time.

He shouted

“I have come for your life this time!”


He chased me round my house

up and down my stairs

in and out of rooms

and then into the kitchen.


He finally caught me,

forced my head onto my cake

and cut it off.

He then cut himself a slice.


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