Men, in today’s society, are under attack.

Men know it. Women know it. Most importantly, our president knows it. Recently Rob Porter was forced to resign his position in The White House due to allegations of domestic violence. Let me say that again. Allegations.

In this society a man can no longer feel safe to show their masculinity. A man is now forced to quit his job essentially because a woman tells him to. Is a 23 cents on the dollar difference really worth someone’s job? At least they have a job.

Now, I am no supporter of people who abuse women. I have always been an opponent of Al Franken (see former articles of mine) because he used his liberal propaganda to abuse women. There is even a picture of it. But what people don’t understand is that any time a conservative has been accused there is no proof. Roy Moore had his election stolen from him because of a forged yearbook. There is a deep conspiracy that goes beyond anything we’ve seen in the past. It is time to stop the abuse of women, as long as it is a democrat doing it.

Please join me in supporting the #ManToo movement.

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