Welcome to The Colomen.

The Colomen is a multimedia news organization. Currently, we operate through our website and social media; however, we’re hoping to expand soon.

The news media have become increasingly politically correct, partisan, dishonest, and, overall, not worthy of being called “journalism.”

Here, at The Colomen, we have brought together a diverse team of people. Some have experience in journalism, some don’t. The Colomen has both reporting of current events, along with opinion columns. Our goal here is to not censor or edit any content. We invite a diverse group of contributors to write a column on anything that they wish. It shall then be published as written. All of our contributors also remain under pseudonyms.

Today’s media suffers from an increase in censorship, a result of an increase in political correctness. Humans are not the kinds of people who “liberals” and “conservatives” want to force us to be. Here at The Colomen, we shall never censor any topic, issue, or word.

While we already have a large team in place, any job requests are accepted through messaging on our social media pages. We also accept any stories, reports, articles, or suggestions. Please follow us and help spread the word of our organization.

Welcome to real, honest NEWS.

With dignity,

The Executioner and The Constituent
Co-editors and co-founders, The Colomen