Senator Al Franken’s Secret Past

Senator Al Franken has risen to fame recently for his questioning of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. As he continued to grandstand and smear then Senator Sessions’ name, his ego grew and grew. He clearly feels now as if he is the next star of the Democratic Party, and that he simply can do no wrong in his party’s eyes. He must then of course feel … Continue reading Senator Al Franken’s Secret Past

Trump Gives Christie Poisoned Meatloaf

At a recent meeting between the New Jersey Governor and President Donald J. Trump a lot was made of the meal choices the gentlemen had for dinner. Chris Christie said on CNN, (fake news) that President Trump strongly encouraged him to order the meatloaf with him. Trump has never been known for pressuring others into eating food before, so the question is: Why now? It is … Continue reading Trump Gives Christie Poisoned Meatloaf

House Minority Uses Real Whip

The House Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer, a Democratic Congressmen from Maryland, has apparently taken his new role as Whip very seriously. Congressman Hoyer has been seen parading around The Capitol with a black bull whip in hand. Hoyer has been going from office to office poking his head in and speaking to hesitant congressmen who aren’t sure about voting for legislation he is trying to … Continue reading House Minority Uses Real Whip

Milo Yiannopolus: Undercover Spy?

Milo Yiannopoulos causes traditional Republicans and Democrats alike a pounding headache. The extravagant, fast-witted, senior editor of Breitbart consistently makes headlines for the things he says. “It’s all an act” says Dr. Lee Parker of UC Davis. Parker, a Ph.D in social psychology, often observes the actions of polarizing characters in United States culture. Dr. Parker even goes as far to say that these actions … Continue reading Milo Yiannopolus: Undercover Spy?

Why Elizabeth Warren Is A Traitor

Elizabeth Warren, or as I like to call her, The Mother of American Hatred. We all know that members of the United States Senate are chosen purely on their values (Massachusetts seceding?) yet somehow she forgot this truth and chose to slander the name of our Attorney General, and former fantastic senator, Jeff Sessions. This alone could give the label of traitor to her shrill … Continue reading Why Elizabeth Warren Is A Traitor

Why The Democrats Refuse To Accept Trump

As we approach a month under President Donald J. Trump, I take a moment to reflect on where our country has come. I have never been this satisfied looking out across our beautiful country. It was about time that a man who has donated over $2 billion to charities—including the Fathright Korbelman Foundation; as I’m sure you all are aware, they put umbrella hats on homeless … Continue reading Why The Democrats Refuse To Accept Trump